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Saturday, 9 February 2013

9th of February (40th Song)

Lorca's Murder

When I hear about spanish poetry Federico García Lorca is always there. Probably the best spanish poet ever. I don't know about poetry but it's supposed to be the music literature, so I wanted to approach it closer. Why now? Well, my song sounded so perfect for just say beautiful things that it was better not to sing anything.

Thoughts: I can feel the rhythm of this poem, probably because I firstly made the song and then I put a random poem along it, one called "La luna asoma". I didn't try to get the rhythm first and then compose something but, you know, the time is consuming me endlessly. I was with no ideas at all, struggling a lot to get something, one hour thinking and then this idea came to my mind from trying guitar effects. I was so frustrated. Then I missed a bass and I had to play it, I miss a cymbal or a bell or something. Very difficult to fit the voices into the music, EQ and reverbs needed but not as well as expected, although I always learn a lot from trying it. My ears catch some annoying things that I couldn't realize before.
I tuned the guitar and bass at 331hz that is the tunning of Tears For Fears' "Everybody rules the world"
but I think that something got untunned during the process because the bass and the guitar doesn't fit very well, or maybe I need a better calibration of my bass...
Enjoy it!

1 comment:

  1. me mola la progresión de acordes, épica y nostálgica... el poema tendría q adentrarme más a ver q pasa por tu cabeza...