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Saturday, 23 March 2013

23rd of March (82nd Song)

The Thief

I've found the the window of my car broken, someone smashed it, a fucking thief wanted to take something but didn't find anything, it's the third time they get into my car, but this time they didn't take anything, just my patience and I gotta buy a new glass. So I decided to do something not illegal but forbidden, mwaaahahaha. I jumped into my landlord's DW drum kit, set it up with two mics, one of them wasn't mine too, and I played a drum solo, I also used the video recorder camera of another person to record myself, call me criminal. The best part is the picture of the best video game in my childhood "Goody", much more better than GTA and others.

Thoughts: It's the first time that I try to record my own real drums, I just have two mic inputs in my interface so I had to use just two mics, one for the snare and another in a 'sweet spot', that I was looking for while my girlfriend played drums, where I thought it sounded better. Now I see that maybe was too close to the bass drum, but it's good, a good first approach to the drums recording. If I had more cables I could have used other people's gear to record with more mics through a mixing board, thinking it better I my landlord have loads of cables, I should have taken some, maybe in my next criminal recordings. I enjoyed a lot doing it, and I didn't know what to do with the mixing at all but I tried somethings and the result is not totally bad. Nice beginning, looking forward the next. The performing is just random trying to highlight and it's actually very bad. I gotta think in music not in myself!!!! Anyway, the drum kit sounded amazing, this DW it's a great kit, in the mixing I found some weird harmonic that is not in the snare drum mic and sounds when I play the snare drum that I don't know if it comes from the kit or the room, I'll find it out. Soon I'll post the video of the recording. 

Enjoy it!

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