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Friday, 22 March 2013

22nd of March (81st Song)


The idea of this song is easy, can a make a metal song with an acoustic guitar? This is what happended. 

Thoughts: If this is what I can make just trying once, I think I can do great things experimenting more. I recorded two guitar tracks, panned them the most open possible, I used compressions, Eqs, amp simulators, reverb, and distortions. Then I just pitch down the best take one octave in Nuendo converting it in the bass of the song and did some changes as well. Then I recorded drums with Superior Drummer and I got this. 
I learn a lot of everything just changing parameters, the same with the drums, I was trying compressions and eqs within Superior Drummer. And my guitar skill improved a bit, I was struggling to record it but finally I get the way to do it easily. 

Enjoy it!

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