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Thursday, 21 March 2013

21st of March (80th Song)

Irish Dawn

A ramdon son played with a bamboo flute app. You blow in it and it sounds, depending the angle of your mouth blowing you get a different octave. Very funny. Julita was in charge of recording my performance.

Thoughts: Has been fun to use this app, I learned some flute positions.  It was very difficult to keep blowing but the app permits you take breath for one second or so between notes. It sounded very irish, I think it's because the sound of the flute, the higher notes the more irish, and you never change so it sounds even more so. It helps if you use a pedal note reminding a bagpipe. 
I used a super open reverb, maybe it works like a mountain environment. Let's figure it out.

Enjoy it!

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