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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

20th of March (79th Song)

Enya Goes To Dance

Well, I got some problems with my band camp, I don't know if I've lost it. Hopefully I can solve it. Don't you think that I'm using too much the word "I", maybe I should be more interested in "you". What do you think guys? How could you enjoy more this blog?  Beautiful ladies? Beautiful boys for the girls too? Better songs? (Be patient, they'll come) Jokes? Videos? (That's not a bad idea) Talk about technologies? Pictures of cute kittens? 
Well, now that your brain is spinning as a tornado let's talk about today's song. Imagine: double shift at work, running food up and down the stairs, 11 hours, legs wanting to kill themselfs, but some rest in the middle (2 hours actually9, a good chair, a pair of headphones and and iPhone. What could anyone do with this ingredients? ..................... Of course! A song like Enya but cheaper and less epic! Wasn't it obvious? But wait, what if...? Yeah, what if I get Enya to dance disco music? It's what everyone would love to do. So, that's the song. Speechless, right?

Thoughts: I just have something to say, I can't stop thinking in music these days. Melodies, harmonies, arrangements, grooves, everything!!! I'm constantly singing and shaping sounds and sonic textures in my mind, when I was making the song I just had a clear idea of everything that I wanted, I didn't have time to put a flute, and more movement with the strings, I don't think almost in anything else than music, it's a feeling that I love. Probably i'm getting crazy, but if I'm happy I don't care. Ah, today I uploaded the song in Soundcloud because I had some problems with Bandcamp, it's something to learn about 

Enjoy it!

1 comment:

  1. no suenan muy naturales los vientos, el tema es bello