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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

19th of March (78th Song)

Synth Optimism

The sound design course is starting to get very interesting and creating sounds from the scratch using additive synthesis, that means from a fundamental frequency wave modifying parameters changing the timbre, the envelope, etc, is one of the funniest things I can imagine, so the song is about created-from-zero sounds and, when I got something interesting, adding the instruments that felt to suit with the feeling. Acoustic guitar and string section were a good option. 

Thoughts: Coursera strikes again and I'm in the best part of the sound design course, and learning a lot about synthesis. I'm still a rookie but I'm starting to understand how this works, I'm thinking about a new wave of synth art, but it's a secret. I'm gonna be the pioneer, mwahahaha. 
A lot of editing again to loop the different parts and make them grow. I struggle a lot playing that easy acoustic, but playing it one million times has been a good practice, I just got one round kind of well played though and I looped it constantly through the whole song. 
I like the strings from the Kontakt instuments as ensemble but not the solo violin, maybe I should adjust some parameters, but I wanted to record a solo and it was so lame. 
The mixing again has been funny, I'm starting to hear clearly things that I couldn't before and that makes the things sound better. Great session. The song is quite interesting too. 

Enjoy it!

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