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Monday, 18 March 2013

18th of March (77th Song)

Drummie Dummy (Feat. Juanes)

Modal week has finished and I felt free to do whatever was in my head, and the priority was playing drums, I'm not playing so much lately and, dammit, it's my first instrument. So I just played, and played, and played, and I thought: "What can I do with all this stuff I'm doing?" and the idea of a fusion song based in drums (like all those great drummers that record their own albums and it's everything around the kit such like Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers, Greg Bisonnette, etc), then I recorded something that involved some hits and after that I sat down and listened, and listened, and listened. And I came with some ideas that was been recorded. I worked again with reverb techniques although the drums and the synths had their own reverbs and delays. Juanes has been the special guest of today. His mad guitars suit very nice in my music. Excellent featuring.

Thoughts: I feel so good now that I've played a lot of drums today. I was a bit rusty but soon I start grooving. When I got the recording of the drums, I played it and hit, at the same time as the important hits, in a new instrument track so I could see visually where those hits were and build the bass notes changing the pitch of those hit points. Then I copied the bass track into a synth track, and over that bass I stacked some chords. When I did so, I had a clearer idea of what did I want and started to do some modifications in the bass and the synths, record some guitars with Juanes' help and shape the whole song, in one take and a half he nailed it. Unfortunately I'm not that good with chords and my first ideas disappear and a new song had come. But is good, I tried to withhold the maximum of initial sounds and I'm improving in that aspect too. But as soon as I changed one single chord the song changed its path completely. It's something to bear in mind. 
Finally the mixing, as usual I didn't have much time and my brain was gonna explode and I did some cool stuff, reverb, compression, slight EQ, balance, and automation. It's not great but it's good for the time I spent on it. I'm super happy. No mastering, I was KO by the end of that process.

Enjoy it!

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