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Sunday, 17 March 2013

17th of March (76th Song) Modal Week: Sunday

Locrian: Corrupted Science

Last mode of the week, Locrian. It's very dissonant and creepy but there are some thing that you can do to make it sound coherent. No time for more, so it's a song based in editing single clips, very easy stuff, but you also can learn things from it since Locrian is difficult to make it work.

Thoughts: I'm not sure how I feel listening to this song, it's really dark even with all those bright sounds, I didn't have enough time to experiment a lot with it and dive into the sound jamming along the locrian scale. I want to do it, it woke up my curiosity about the ugliness of the landscape. I was trying harder drums but I couldn't get it on time, I wanted something more like prodigy, how? Maybe distortion? or maybe another samples? I like the effect of a reverse drum hit and then the normal one, mirror effect, I have to play more with it.
I like to finish a song with a lot of questions and this one created lots of them. Great!

Enjoy it!

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