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Saturday, 16 March 2013

16th of March (75th Song) Modal Week: Saturday

Aeolian: Cuba Está Viva

Aeolian, this slightly dark, romantic, nostalgic mode that makes us feel with from the bottom of our souls. A song that reminds the cuban migrants what they left in their country from far away. It's my little tribute to all that people who leave their lands because of the bad situation in them. Every track has been recorded in a different way. Main background guitar with the iPhone voice recorder, the rhythm guitar with iTalk, the second background guitar with MusicRecorder, Congas are virtual instruments made with Superior Drummer, the solo was recorded with a condenser mic and there's a hidden track that I played touching the top and the ring of a TRS cable which make noise but fortunately in the tone of the song. And a lot of experiments with a reverb pretending to simulate everyone is playing in the same room. 

Thoughts: I think this is my favourite mode, most of my songs tends to stuck in aeolian, it's something inside of me that makes me express beauty using it. I enjoyed soloing this song, the solo is not very good though but certainly I learned a looooooot of soloing, how I go out of the song and come back and the contrast between the notes, and the words creating movement, but when soloing I didn't get what I want in real time yet. The aeolian mode is kind of sad so I wanted to try a rhythmic danceable song to see if it still stored some of that sadness, and so it is. I feel the nostalgic of the song and the softness it evokes. 

Yesterday was a great day, even when a a lot of my main software crashed, and I couldn't do anything but lay and watch some video lessons and I could learn a lot of new interesting stuff about music production. I was able to fix the problems today, so I can upload the song now. One of the thing that opened my eyes was the fact of depth in the music and how you can move from left to right an instrument and from the front to the background, just with volume and sending a reverb, so the less reverb and more volume the closer and the more reverb and less volume the further. So I created a reverb and started experimenting positioning of the instruments, I wanted the congas to sound like 5 different people are playing them in 5 different spots. the rhytmic guitar far away, the soloist in the front, riff guitars little further. The result is very exaggerated but I wanted to hear the difference and I can feel that sense of depth. Cool! This is what I got, I felt like the guitar needed a compressor because the dynamics where to drastic and a compressor like make the difference between the lowest and the highest amplitude. I didn't touch the EQ, no time to do it. But definitely I would change few things.

Enjoy it!

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