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Friday, 15 March 2013

15th of March (74th Song) Modal Week: Friday

Myxolydian: Conejitos

 Today is Myxolydian's turn, this mode is one supposed to be the next in brightness after Ionian. It's recorded with audacity (first time I used it) with no clue of how it worked. Lyrics are very allegorical thinking in happiness, love, sharing, alltogether... I recorded the word "conejitos" from the google translator because it sounded quite childish and suited with the song.

Thoughts: I was jamming a lot over this scale and everything sounded it felt like hippie, very 60's and kind of hindu too, and I felt like it brought me to a beautiful sunny day almost at the sunset. I was thinking about using a sitar because of that feeling. I wish I had one. I think some of the feelings of every mode are starting to make sense in the mood of my songs. This week I'm very closed and just playing diatonic chords and note but sometimes the song asked me to move, and that's cool too, it's loads of chords out of the modes that work perfectly and probably you still can consider the song belonging of that mode.

Audacity is a peculiar DAW. I'm gonna get some lessons of it in this days, but I wanted to struggle and try to figure out things. I found it very quickly and direct with the options it offers, but I couldn't find some things that I would like to use, anyway, it worths to have a deeper view into it, it very light weighted software, fast and you can do a lot of things with good quality. Let's see how it goes. 

I'm realizing that I play always after the pulse or groove of the songs with those instruments that I don't know very well as I did when I was very bad playing drums, I think is something inherent to me, maybe is the fear of not playing the notes perfect and I delay them in order to think how to make them well, I need to listen more and play less, rule #1 of grooving. 

Enjoy it!

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