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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

27th of March (86th Song)

Laying Down

 I was so tired today... Sleeping too few, working a lot, and walking a lot after that, the only thing I wanted was to lay down. I figured out the way to make my song in my bed, looking to the ceiling, not moving my body just the necessary. I recorded all the track with iTalk track by track, sending them to my mail and editing to loop, then I could record the next one. 

Thoughts: iTalk it's very interesting, it comes with a compressor that avoid the recordings to clip, and the quality it's quite good independently of the shitty mic. It was long time ago the last time that I made a capella song and has been quite interesting to apply the new skills that I learnt in it. Some of the new concepts has been strengthened now. Every element I used, seemed to be totally indispensable. I've learned a lot about all of them (compressors, gates, EQ, reverb). Still weird the sound though, it's not what I wanted and no idea of how to reach it, but definitely I've been more accurate than with my other a capella songs, I hope it's just a matter of time and keep going. The vocal performing is lame, sorry about that, it's not easy to control the air laying down facing up (you won't buy this excuse, I know). The structure it's really weird, I just realized now. 

Enjoy it!

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