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Thursday, 28 March 2013

28th of March (87th Song)

Impossible Beatbox

I felt like laying down again, I didn't want to connect my laptop to my interface even, my feet are hurting as if a train ran over them, even when I bought yesterday a new bouncy pair of trainers, but it was too late, my job is killing me, starting with my feet. But my mouth wasn't tired FORTUNAtely, so a great idea came to my mind: record the sound of every section of a drum kit with my mouth, I would record loads of samples (with iTalk) of each one and try which one is the best, then edit and process them and get the best sound, then with quantization I would make a groove. Using some reverb I'd get a wetter and brighter sound. 

Thoughts: I'm amazed about the sounds I got, the bass drum reminds me New Order's 'Blue Monday' which is one of my favourites 'techno' songs ever

so I turned the groove to techno after the initial one.  The compressed sound of iTalk made the edition very easy and the sound is quite good. I used some EQ for the bass (needed more bassy sound) and the snare drum (needed more punch). I would have liked to use compressors in the snare just to experiment, but it's ok, something to bear in mind for the next time. I love the Studio Reverb of Guitar Rig, it's so simple and sounds so good. It's my favourite so far makes things sound really good and more alive, it's like makes the sounds brighter, and no EQ wise, that I thought it was the way to make things brighter, so a lot of doubts about that aspect of the sound are being answered now. Cool!
Now I'm looking forward make the songs that you are demanding guys, I cheer you up to ask for anything.

Enjoy it!

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