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Friday, 29 March 2013

29th of March (88th Song)

Sample Choir

Laying down day again, feels so nice. This came into my mind: 'What would happen if instead of of drum beats I don't just record pitches and compose a song with them?' So I started to record 'Oh' voices of every note in my range, from E2 to F5, very bad I must say, and started to stack them creating chords. The lack of time made me not to make any mixing at all.

Thoughts: This has been very very funny, I recorded with iTalk all the pitches and I sent them one by one to my email, so many. Was overwhelming when I saw all of them in my DAW, I didn't know how to start, but soon I started to develop a kind of technique to move over then more easily. It was very confusing because it looked like MIDI notes and I was thinking that all the time I change my note from one track to another it would change the pitch, not at all. Some of the notes sound more 'ah' than 'oh' but it's ok, I like this way to compose, next year I'll do a lot of things with this for sure. Tomorrow I'll make a song with this material, I have a lot of ideas that I want to try, with more time. 

Enjoy it!

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