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Saturday, 30 March 2013

30th of March (89th Song)


Yesterday I recorded some 'Oh' voices, to be more exact I recorded 38 'Oh', all the range between E2 to F5 and I compose my last song with some of them, here it is.

And here is the footage that I made of that recording, and how I had to email every single 'Oh'.

Today I wanted to get further and I tried to recreate a Punk song just with this samples, chopping and editing a lot. This is the result.

Thoughts: As usual lately I didn't want to stand up from bed until I went to work and I made my song just messing around with my laptop laying down. Was veeeery difficult, to chop all the samples and put them together in different tracks. But I'm liking it, as I said yesterday, I'm kind of developing my own techniques on doing this manually, I think there's a easier way of doing this puting the samples in a sampler machine and play the notes via MIDI, but I'm doing manually now, I'll find the way to do it easier, I see a lot of possibilities doing this kind of things and I'll work more with this samples and I'll record more soon. I played with EQ, distortions, a bit of panning and reverb, not a big deal, but the voices with distortion sound very funny. Enjoy it!

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