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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

6th of March (65th Song)


Hey, as always that I have double shift at work I've made a techno song, which styles I haven't tried yet? Hardcore techno is one of them. I've used MusicStudio as usual cause is the easiest DAW that I know for my iPhone. 

Thoughts: Despite I hate double shifts it's ok to work on my song in my break having 2 hours deadline. It's like fight against the time, you quickly creative. And have enough batteries for it. I feel sometimes like there are no too many sounds to play with, but I just got the Lite version. Should I pay for the full one? Anyway, again I forgot to but the RCA to TRS adaptors and I couldn't record it into my computer in stereo. Next time, I promise. Donate a lot of money and I'll bring more new interesting equipment. ;)

Enjoy it!

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