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Thursday, 7 March 2013

7th of March (66th Song)

Link Gets into the Mud

 Messing around with my iPhone I found a sound that sounded like Zelda strings, so I decided to create a soundtrack for an specific situation on the game. This is the result. I used MusicStudio as usual, and tried to get creative with the few possibilities it gives to you. 

Thoughts: Since I didn't have time to write anything as I worked in the morning and had a sound check in the afternoon and a gig in the evening I had to write my song while our supporters was playing with a good isolating headphones and my iPhone, was very weird that I couldn't figure out some chords that I had in mind because the live music was disturbing my train of thoughts continually. Although, I was recreating in my mind a song as if Link was in the forest and suddenly he gets into the mud of a cemetery or something like that with bells jingling and it turns dangerous, probably some wolfs or skeletons would attack him. I didn't use panning so mono is ok, I didn't buy the adapters yet. 

Enjoy it!

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