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Friday, 8 March 2013

8th of March (67th Song)

Sliding Towards You

Spending your day listening to Michael Jackson is the best way to have a great day, after that you'll just  groove. We all miss him, he changed the world in many ways through his songs, his performance, his moves and his greatness. I really thank to him and his musicians, producers, dancers, engineers for make our life better. Dan helped me today to accomplish this fragment of music that I dedicate to Michael, my whole life idol.

Thoughts: I've been learning a bit more about synths today thank to Dan, and some ideas for mixing. First of all we were making a bass sound from the scratch and we found an 80's one very nice. The groove suddenly took our bodies and the music started to flow. I played this chords that make the song smooth like clouds and dark like an alley in Detroit. Then, what? A guitar in the style of David Williams. And then a solid drums groove. Just in the last minute we could put a Van Halen style guitar. Michael would like this one. 

I'm realized that in the last two weeks I couldn't write a whole song, just little pieces, but I don't have time, I spend it all making music when I'm free to do it, the rest of the time I'm working or rehearsing or gigging. Ok sometimes I spend some time learning new skills out of the recording. I'm very happy with my life now, but it's frustrating not be able to do it better because you have to work in something that you don't give a crap. Mmmphhhhh

Enjoy it!


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