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Saturday, 9 March 2013

9th of March (68th Song)


Yeah, after a long day of working I arrive home just in time to play something very random, I grabbed my sticks chopped any rhythm on the drum kit, hang my guitar on and play some riffs, and after some minutes I came with this tune. Spending a little bit longer with the mixing. My interface is getting crazy again but I just realized that the cable from the interface to the laptop or the connector is not working well, I'll try another cable soon, this is an eBay's one pound one.

Thoughts: Well I didn't have fun at work and I wanted to rock and to play the guitar which I'm not playing so much lately, the idea came quite easy after playing the drums. I started using some effects and buses within Superior drummer and I tried a lot of compressions today with everything, I'm starting to get the point of it, the drums sound radically better. Some reverbs were good to use. I'm feeling better in front of the console now. My performance with every instrument it's not quite good but I can hear it easily so when I have more time probably I'm gonna do it better, it took just few take since my time were getting over. I'm thinking constantly in buying new stuff, I get some preferences like something to hang my speakers in front of my desk, a DI some cables and adapters...

Enjoy it!

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