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Sunday, 10 March 2013

10th of March (69th Song)

Epic Win

Uh such a nice song from nowhere! Trying some stuff with the strings sounds in Kontakt and... Kaboom!!! I felt like a real composer, immerse in the climax of my own song. 
Thoughts: The sounds of this sampler are amazing and the possibilities incredible, now is when I decided to buy a MIDI controller, because investigate with parameters manually is so tedious, and I wanted to make some glissandi and vibratos and I couldn't find the way, but I'll do definitely, I'm very happy of what my taste is making me changing things to make the music more tasty, the articulation is a big one and I didn't pay it enough attention before. I also go very fast editing and doing the basic stuff that I was struggling a lot at the beginning. Yes!

Enjoy it!

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