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Monday, 11 March 2013

11th of March (70th Song) Modal Week: Monday

Ionian: Planning To Feed The Squirrels

Today starts the 'modal week' where each day I'll make a song with the 7 harmonic modes, now it's the turn of Ionian or Major, it's suppose to be one of the brighter modes and it's supposed to sound happier than the rest of them but the Phrygian. I'm gonna try that it is also the week of song writting, where I'll try to be more aware about the lyrics, it's part of my training. I'm in this course about song writting and I gotta use the skills that I'm learning.

Thoughts: This recording has been quite random again just to mess around and let the modes soak into my body and get used to them, let's see if it kind of works. I accidentally changed the from 44100hz to 48000hz and the project speeded up a bit as I learnt in the music production course, I'd never tried it before, it's good to know, now my voice sounds more childish which I like for this song. Now I have to learn how to put it back to the original. 
It's a good exercise to record my voice. I sing one thing and then when I listen to the recording sounds different so I can apply changes from that point of reference, all the musicians should record themselves I think that listening yourself from the audience POV make you sound more like you want to. 

Enjoy it!

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