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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

12th of March (71st Song) Modal Week:Thursday

Dorian: Who's Got The Rights

Dorian today, not an easy one, It's should sound epic slightly sad and beautiful. Talking about oppressed people and how they don't dare to fight the power, not a beautiful feeling though. Following the script of song writing I just sung and played guitar. 

Thoughts: I don't feel like I've succeeded with Dorian style, it was difficult to make the raised 6th of the minor scale sound consequent in such kind of song. I don't know, I haven't even used it enough so the feeling of Dorian is kind of missed and sometime I'd wish to sing the b6th rather than a natural one, so sounds almost Aeonian, making it more sad. It's not bad feeling but I failed making a proper Dorian song. My 'aussie' girlfriend has helped me with some of the pronunciation and the writing. I've learn some stuff there. Singing was very difficult, I recorded the guitar and written the lyrics before I knew the melody so I had to make them fit together somehow. Now I wish I could change the guitars and make them more in consonance with the voice. Well, at least I can listen to the weak parts and have some ideas of how to improve them, that's a way of learning too.
I'm starting to understand the compressor very well and I'm looking forward to use more soon and hear the differences. I just thought that a delay on the voice could be great and so I did.

Enjoy it!

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