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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

13th of March (72nd Song) Modal Week: Wednesday

Phrygian: Awkward

Phrigian, such a spanish mode. Wanted to try new stuff, like playing virtual guitars with MusicStudio app, try my brand new RCA to TS adaptors so I could record in stereo from my iPhone, and somethings with the reverb on the voice. More tries with the lyrics writing, and a lot of fun. I wanted to see the effect on a Flamenco style song with an english voice.

Thoughts: Hahaha, such a bad song, I enjoyed making it but it's just... that guitar... that voice... But it was fun to record it. I just was laughing a lot saying the last line of the lyrics. Everything sounds very poetic and then... PA! "Eating my Doritos". It's great to know that the panning works perfectly now thanxs to the adaptors, it's a big step for my songs on iPhone. The mixing is bad, the voice too loud and the reverb stupid, EQ bad too, I didn't focus too much in making it properly since I had to go to work. My pronunciation is very bad and my tuning too. I spent some time just jamming in Phrygian and everything sounded so gypsy, I couldn't do something that sounded different. I understandf Phrygian a little bit better. The sound of the guitars obviously is crap, I don't know yet a good guitar simulator, such a difficult instrument to emulate. I'm enjoying writing lyrics, sometimes I start with a song and then i try to fit the lyrics in it and lyrics are shit, or I start with the lyrics and I try to fit the music over them and then the music is crap, it's difficult to get the balance, and it's cool to work on that, I'm learning a lot.

Enjoy it!

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