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Monday, 4 March 2013

4th of March (63rd Song)

Latency Delay

 What does happens when you conect the output of the interface to the input? What if you change the latency? What if you record with or without the monitor on. I tried today so many things to answer those questions, and I got very useful information. The song is just a drum solo played with the twisted kit expansion of Superior Drummer 4 times, first time is the original sound, the other 3 are consequence of latency delay.

Thoughts: I've been checking the Nuendo manual and somethings snapped in my mind recording something easy and find out how would affect the latency in a recording, so I plugged the output in the input and I recorded a drum solo not hearing it and at the same time I activate an audio track to record what it was sounding through the outputs. First with 512 samples per buffer, then 1024 and then I recorded the 1024 one into another track using 1024 again. The results are some interesting delays. I thought about the possibility to create feedback or make my interface explode but it didn't happen. I tried more combinations but most of then didn't affect the original track, others just sounded crap. The 512 is very interesting and I think it could be useful in some circumstances.

Enjoy it!

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