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Sunday, 3 March 2013

3rd of March (62nd Song)

Point of view

 The time was against me today, I had to make something in 30 minutes, so a good solution was play a punk song, since I wanna try to record it in as few takes as possible I recorded the guitar and the voice at the same time, and since the mic would capture the strumming of the electric guitar I grabbed the acoustic instead. I used the first lesson of the song writing course that I joined and I applied it, plus I wanted to sing as I didn't do in a long time. 

Thoughts: I learned an important lesson in the course: You have to very clear to the audience to know who are you talking to when you sing a song. In this one I'm talking to you, which is called 'direct address'. It was a beam in my room that creates a weird reverb I learned how to mute it today, but I wanna try different things with it soon and see how it affects to my recordings. It was so difficult for me to sing in english that I had to do a lot of different takes, but it's a funny way to improve, even though when I forced my voice too much, and I coughed like an old man in winter that is what I am. It wasn't enough time to try effects so it's totally rough. Not that bad... 

Enjoy it!

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