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Saturday, 2 March 2013

2nd of March (61st Song)

Coloured Lightning Dots

I bring a silly song today, consisting of randomness  and restoration FX. Don't expect to listen to it on MTV.

Thoughts: I'm not very get used to random things so I wanted to free myself up and just loose my mind, anyway I sometimes got the need to change some notes to sort some of the chaos created, but I kind of like what I got, sonically is bad, and that's good because I just was making it not through my interface but my laptop sound card so I was expecting not to sound very well, and see how far I could load my card and which instruments I wouldn't be able to use because of it, but I didn't have any problem so far using a lot of them. That's cool to know, I couldn't record audio thought. Next station "MOMA". 

Enjoy it!

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