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Friday, 1 March 2013

1st of March (60th Song)

New School

I'm super 80's again and I wanted to make an 80's song based in some Martika's songs that I'm listening to constantly. I wanted to get the sound of the funky effect, I asked in forum (very nice forum, it's like my home right now) and some people were telling me that you get it playing a single-coil pickup guitar and directly to the desk, some told me to put chorus, some to connect to a jazz amp with chorus. I'm amazed by the drum grooves in these kind of 80's superproductions I tried to sound that big. And I wanted to try as well some ideas, like compress and noise gate a reverb. This is the result.

Thoughts: I don't have a single-coil guitar but I played it through a jazz amp with chorus and kind of worked, getting there. It's great the way you can modify an effects, it doesn't only affect to the sounds. I made the drum set with 10 different Superior Drummer tracks, I think there have to be a way to pan what you want and split just the instruments that you want to use specific effects with. I also don't know how to put all these tracks through a bus, I know how to do it to an audio track but not to a virtual instrument, so annoying.
Most of the artists use to compose a song very roughly, like a draft and then work over that arranging and trying to find sounds, I think that I'm failing on that because the most of the times I have an idea and I start working on it but quickly I pay more attention to the sound and I stop thinking in the composition so I always stuck there. It's matter of time too, that I want to try a lot of things and I can't do them if I take them as an arrangement of a previous draft. Next year definitely that will be the way to approach most of the songs I think. Anyway, today's song was all about sound and I'm very happy with what I got. 

Enjoy it!

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