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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

14th, 15th and 16th of April

New Updates

Hi guys, It feels like I'm not doing my best lately, I want to say that I was doing my songs as usual but trying things that clashed with my new status. I've moved into a new house and the things have been crazy, I'm working at the restaurant more then ever and between the search of the new house, the work, the moving of all my stuff (I haven't finished yet), my GF's stuff and now tiding the room because is ultra-messy I've been very stressful and not very creative and when I was I didn't have enough time to make it cool, I want to close this chapter soon. Still on that situation but finishing this week hopefully, the job is not gonna change unfortunately though. But I feel like this new place is cozy, clean, nice and it's a proper house. I think I won't be able to record drums at 1am and things like that which I used to do at the other place but I feel relieved.

Well here are the songs that you missed, I'm glad of being able to post them at last.

Myernark Jam

The 14th of April 16 years ago I bought my first drum kit and my life changed for ever. I became musician since that moment. I wanted to celebrate it doing something with the drums, so after working I got to a rehearsal with Myernark and there was my only chance to do something, so in a break between two songs I took advantage of the riff that Rion (guitar) was trying and I joined in, as usual the rest of the band joined us too and Michael (Bass) turned on his iPhone to record the session. We stopped (as you can hear on the recording) and we restart again. And this is what we did:


My friend Carlos Abeij√≥n who is the guy who I copied the idea of making a daily song () told me about an app for iPhone called Ninja Jamm, I had a try and... It Is Just Amazing! It was worth to try a DJ Jam session with this app and probably I'll do more, it's a skill that I haven't try much and I think is a good one to bear in mind. This app is free and only have one free song, but you can do sooooo many things with it. I'm even thinking in spend money in buy some more songs to play with. So this is my first session. 


Sad Night In Congo


And finally my today's song. As my bedroon/studio is a mess I'm can't reach still some things and I don't have a lot of space, so no mic setup and no drums, and I wanted to play something, the lightest thing that I can just plug into the interface and play is my electric guitar but, what could I do with it that could be could? Hey, I saw the loop tool in guitar rig and I thought I was worth to try it. I was trying a lot of things and discovered a lot of stuff. I think I've learned everything of it and some ideas are coming to my mind, I'll do more stuff soon for sure. 

Enjoy them!

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