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Saturday, 13 April 2013

13th of April (103rd Song)

Annoying Bag Voice

It's time to move, the bird has to grow up, fly away from the nest and find a better tomorrow. I'm moving to a new flat in Hackney, I don't know how creative and noisy can be there but I'll give my best. I've been working on the morning and moving stuff on the evening and I arrived home at 23:30 that is when I started to think in recording a song. Obviously it was difficult to make a master piece but I tried something that I wanted to do. A pedal note and many voices over it, trying to match each other but improvising, just trying to fine on the way, and with the iPhone because setting up the mic was a waste of time. It finishes when the air in my lungs were completely out.

Thoughts: This is really bad, hahaha, I was singing the second voices and kind of sounded well while I was doing but it's always a fragment of time where you hear that I'm not sure where I'm going and then I find it. It's a very interesting chord that felt quite nice when I was doing, like an assonance but fitting perfectly. Then the last voice (the highest one) is just a mess, I thought it was better when I recorded it but it's really crap. 
I realized that with Multitrack app the volume is very low even when the volume is on Max, the opposite happens with Music Studio where the volume is very loud and you must low down the iPhone

Enjoy it!

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