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Friday, 12 April 2013

12th of April (102th Song)

 Ghetto Big Boom

I've been working today double shift, so as usual, until I find something new, I'm recording in my break With MusicStudio for iphone. Today's song it's a hip hop song to sing along, make a try, it's very funny!

Thoughts: Thanx of my new skills I found a way to control the amount of effect that i want in a track, as this app only lets you to put the FX on or off. So I duplicate the tracks and I put the reverb on in one and off in another, and controling the volume of the effect one I can use at a sending. I miss some Eq but i can't until I pay for it. After playing it in my equipment at home I've realized how bad are the sounds and the reverb that I thought it ruled.

Enjoy it!

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