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Monday, 1 April 2013

1st of April (91st Song)

Out Of The Parches

Yesterday I played a gig and I realized that my drumming skills are very rusty, I was so pissed off when I finished and the only thing I wanted was to play drums more often, I'm gonna try to play again everyday a little bit at least, I can't lose all my musicianship in my main instrument, no, no and no! So I was playing drums today at my leisure and I decided to record one of the song that I used to play to warm up all the time when I was very into the bass drumming. Just that, no effects, no recording techniques, just clear the cobwebs and think about the instrument that I love the most and I have struggle for it all these years. 

Thoughts: It feels so nice to have a long drum session, I forgot how good it felt, I need to play everyday a little bit it's crucial. I'm a musician but I'm a drummer too so I need to keep my level as hi as possible. I really have enjoyed playing, but, yeah, I'm still very rusty, you can hear some bloopers along the song. I recorded on video too. It's very dark, not enough light in the room. I'll delete it soon, for sure.

Enjoy it!

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