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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

2nd of April (92nd Song)

Ronda De Surf Nocturno

First of all I'd like to sorry because the last week I've been a little bit lazy and not very focus on FORTUNA Quest even when I have had a lot of fun doing what I did.  I start to feel more optimistic so probably things will be better from now. I have so much to learn, I've been learning about delay and synthesis a lot lately, I will apply these concepts in this days. 

I met Juanes in my house today and we worked in a song for 'Collar de perlas' that is a band that we are planning to sort soon. He is the brain of the band, and one of the demands is to be imprecise and play some notorious mistakes during the song. We recorded this, which is the real draft of 'Gatitos y Perritos', and I didn't process the sound at all! Call me lazy. Do you remember 'Gatitos y Perritos'?

Thoughts: I was playing today the drums all the day at my leisure again. It's annoying not to be so unsynchronized with my musicality playing dums. Normally I can play more easily whatever I want to make sound. But I feel like I'm removing some oxide from my limbs and my brain. And I feel very happy, I missed playing this much. Then Juanes came to record, and it's crazy the way he wants me to record the drums, it's not easy to play deliberately, bad without losing the control of the song. It's always a challenge for me that I'm get use to try to play perfect all the time. You can always learn something from geniuses like him.

I had a big problem with my computer, suddenly all my data inside my plugins, such as Superior drummer, and I can't load any kit anymore, probably I have to install everything again, which is very tedious. Because so I had to connect the module of my Roland TD-3 (which sounds like crap) and because I only have one TS cable I connect the phones output into the interface but even with the lowest volume it clipped, so I thought that it must be because the input have a preamp and I thought that I could try to put in one of the inputs in the back side which don't have preamp. I couldn't because I had to activate the input somehow, I had to read the manual of the MOTU and I found the way! Finally I did it and it worked perfectly, but I wasn't able to low the volume of the kit. I think the sound went directly from the kit to the speakers not passing by Nuendo, although the signal was captured in it. I have to find the way of controlling the volume of the output of the interface and the gain of the input signal of the back non pre amplified inputs. I learned a lot of activating what I need. 

Enjoy it!

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