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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

3rd of April (93rd Song)

Spiral Staircase


Hey, today I really need a rest, I didn't feel the music in my body and I was too tired to try the few ideas that I had, but I needed to do something new. I connect my e-drum kit via MIDI to a synthesizer and I jammed, I got used to the notes that I was playing with and I made an improvisation, trusting in my instinct and trying to recreate what I had in mind. 

Thoughts: Sometimes I got what I wanted, sometimes I didn't but was very accurate with what I thought, it's nice to just listen to what you play and try to change whatever you want, the musicians should do that always, I like to refer to musicians as 'listeners with benefits' because it's like if they were listening to a song that they like and they could change any part on the way. I don't know why but while I was listening to it I was imaging like someone running up a spiral staircase and looking for the way to escape from something. And finally it's defeated. I was thinking in something like Dragon's Lair video game or so. 
Enjoy it!

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