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Thursday, 4 April 2013

4th of April (94th Song)

Myernark Presents... Headache

I came with this idea today, my band Myernark is playing every first Thursday of every month at The Slaughtered Lamb, I thought that was a good idea to record to us playing and during this year, every first Thursday, find the best spot to put my iPhone and record our music. This is a medley that we played, so it's a very long song. I love this band, we are doing quite well and everyone is invited to come to see us for free. It's me the guy leading in this picture.

Thoughts: Today I've tried 5 different spots, the first one at my right side made sounds quite a lot the ride cymbal and the floor tom, I play this song quite song and I don't use the hi hat which distorts the sound in the other songs but the one which I've recorded, and in every take the guitars almost doesn't sound. In this song, which is the one that sounds better I put my mobile in to my pocket, I thought it would sound very bad because of the movement of the leg but it sounds quite good, guitar still doesn't sound very well, anyway I don't play the ride normally so I have to try this spot in another song. The other 3 takes were annoying because of the sound of the hi hat, impossible to enjoy that horrible noise. I wanna know if from any other spot out of my pocket the ride cymbal sounds to loud or not, I want to know from which length the hi hat stops distorting, I wanna try to put somehow the iPhone in front of the guitar to see how much I can have from it. I will find that 'sweet' spot, I promise.

Enjoy it!

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