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Saturday, 20 April 2013

20th of April (110th Song)

Despedida a Laura

My friend Laura, who is working at Caravan with me, must leave London and go back to Spain. I decided to make a song for her to remember us. She is lovely and we'll miss her a lot. Hopefully we see her soon. Me and David Elde Tineo say not 'good bye' but 'see you soon' at the end of the song.

Thoughts: When I was thinking in the song I my soul felt like a 'Ranchera' would match perfectly with my feelings. The 90% of the Rancheras that I know have a bass line exactly the same at the end of the phrases and it snapped into my mind when I started to make the song. It's a Ranchera cliche so probably already exists, I haven't created anything new I think. I wanted to talk about how much I'm gonna miss her and a open window to a future visit or meeting. And the lyrics talks about that. I had to do it with my iPhone as I was at work, and recorded the voices in a park, half embarrassed because people was looking to me, but was nice to go to a park in my break with this sunny day. Finally I told to David to collaborate and he recorded something too. You can hear how he's in the restaurant. Laurita, we'll never forget you. Mwah.

Enjoy it!

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