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Monday, 22 April 2013

Missed Songs (109th, 111th and 112th Songs)

Well, I couldnt' finish the songs of the 19th and yesterday's one and but now I'm on the date again and I just made my three songs today, so I guess I'm on the road. My threats are not gonna happen. I'm very pessimist lately because nothing is working and my time is disappearing day after day. Some missing software, some errors using others, I can't use Reaktor, Massive, Kore Player and Superior and EZ Drummer, and also I can't run as song that I have recorded for emergencies like that, it's just a fucking mess. I just decided to buy a computer where I'm gonna only use for musicm probably Mac, I would start practicing with some different software as I don't have Nuendo for Mac, like Logic or Pro Tools . If you know something cheap and cool tell me. These are my songs.

Techno Pancho


As I can't run Superior Drummer I just can play the sounds in my TD-3 Module, which is quite bad but still have funny sounds. I just wanted to groove a techno song and get some drums warm up.

Embarrassing Voice/Whistle 50-50

I've been doing this shit whit my voice all my life and today I thought that it could be improved and musically useful. It's voice mixed with whistling, I can vary both pitches alternatively or keep one playing the same note and changing the other's pitch etc, if I could control what I'm doing with both at the same time I could do great things, I thing it's worth to try to take it seriously, right now is crap of course, and this song is embarrassing. My plan was using Reaktor to create my own effects, but something's wrong with it.  

El Cura No Va A Misa

My favourite artist ever and best friend Mata came to my house today, he is not well known and he is not making art pieces, but his brain is a wonderful machine of creativity. He was making the lyrics of my new song while I was trying some guitar arpeggios. As always he nailed it, and I almost died laughing too much, it's just brilliant and I want everyone to enjoy his greatness. Mata, you're the best, I learn with you in one hour more than any year at any school. Thank you.I messed it up with the guitar a little bit, to many changes to arpeggiate, but I learned a lot, I feel like I play better after this session. I've got some tricks.

Enjoy it!

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  1. dooprai dooprai doopraiiii kikiki!
    Official request: Quiero mi canción :)