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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

23rd of April (113th Song)

Silbo Gomero
This is what I wrote 2 days ago for the song:

Did you know that in Spain, in La Gomera island exactly we have this lenguage thought whistling? It's really amazing and very funny too, I would like to communicate with others like this, you can cover huge distances doing it and it always cool to master the art of whistling. I've been watching some whistling championships and songs with whistles, my favourite one is Brian Bromberg's 'Four Brothers) feat. Randy Waldman and Vinnie Colaiuta, incredibly whistled by Brian Bromberg. And I want to try to do something, and hear how it works. 

Thoughts: I'm realizing that sometimes recording something new for you is really useful because it makes you think how to improve it, why it doesn't work, what techniques you would need to apply, etc. For example in this song I found out that I need more preparation to work on the voices, that the breath sounds louder than the whistle in the iPhone mic, and even with anti-pop it still pops. It's kind of crappy song, good ideas bad execution, the ending is both random and stupid but, hey, I know how to make it better next time. I need to try whistle from further and maybe using another mic, and maybe still using the anti-pop. I should record a demo first and hear how the voices could be better. 

Enjoy it!
Now I want to add that, as I recorded the song again (actually is totally different because I forgot the structure of the other one), I tried new things, I recorded in the toilet room of my bathroom whistling from further and it works better, the preparation was even shorter so I'm very inaccurate singing the melody. I'm learning things about whistling too. A lot of improvement in every area of my musicalship. 

Enjoy it!

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