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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

24th of April (114th Song)

Samurai Rush

Today was double shift at the restaurant and I made an iphone song. My favourite with MusicStudio so far. 
Thoughts: I was trying to do something that didn't sound me, so I started doing whatever it came to my mind that felt weird, and I just translated it to music the best I could. I used this flute that reminds me the samurai music (I'm an asian lover, so many things reminds me Asia) and some stuff I was building sounded me like other songs I already made though, I think I have a certain way to think that it always goes to my music, like a different 4th bar or the way I stack the chords progressions. That might be good or bad, I want to have my own voice but not make always the same and become boring. Anyway, I really enjoyed making this song and it cheers my mood up. I hope it does with yours. I accidentally deleted some snare drums, I'll fixx it tomorrow because sound lifeless like this.

Enjoy it!

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