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Friday, 26 April 2013

26th of April (116th Song)

Chill in Black

Today I just felt like chilling and getting in trance with the guitar, my way to do it is playing slow, repeating parts constantly, building up and use a minor scale. It always work. 

Thoughts: I wanted to use the Slap back technique which consists in use a delay for the track around 80 ms with just one repetition, so the feedback know goes to zero. I used it in the master track so everything got it and certainly it gives the feeling of having more space. It's it's very subtle but I can hear the difference. Not the best song to use it though. I wanted also to cut some frequencies with LPFs and HPFs (Low Pass Filters and Hi Pass Filters). I used the HPF to cut the low frequencies that I wasn't using because are below the fundamental pitch. And then I cut the higher frequencies of the hi-pitched track, cause sounded to bright and it wasn't good plus it sounded noisy in the whole range and cutting lows and his was the best thing that I could do to fix it. I've felt that changing the panning just a bit it made a massive difference, before I couldn't realize about it. And I can feel when it's better to cut some hi frequencies. Looks like a big step in my knowledge.

Enjoy it!

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