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Saturday, 27 April 2013

27th of April (117th Song)

Maestro Chwekoslewtossen

This song has been made by accident but the results have made me feel like a mad conductor in his climax. It has been recorded with Zebra synthetizer which is new for me, look good, I just used one preset though.
Thoughts: Ok, I was very tired of not being able to use Superior Drummer, but I suddenly thought: Am I stupid? I have a lot of things that I can use with Komplete 8! I have Battery and so many drum plugins. When I was in the list of the VST instruments with the cursor on Kontakt when I saw something new. It was Zebra, that I was installed sometime before following the advises of my Music Production teacher. So I just clicked on it immediately. 
It is free and it have so many options, it's looks very complete and professional. As I had my kit prepared for drums recording I used it to trigger the synth sounds. I tried a lot of thing in order to familiarize with the notes and then I prepared a play. I started to record and everything was ok, but suddenly something weird happened, every time I played the same pad different notes were sounding and I could control my performance. I tried to get use to ASAP and when I finished and I played the song from the beginning all the performance sounded uncontrolled. I decided to keep it like that, it was something that like to me, the frenetic change of notes were very interesting and I thought it was worth to leave it that way. Then when I uploaded it to bandcamp I realized that it was very low so I opened again Nuendo and I got very surprised when I played it at I started to listen how it sounded as I had recorded the first time, not only that but also the last part when everything changed sounded with normal notes and not changing notes. So the result was totally different at the end, I listened to 3 versions of the song today with the same performance, but I only could upload one.  

Enjoy it!

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