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Saturday, 6 April 2013

6th of April (96th Song)

Killer Canon

When I started to play drums someone came to me with this challenge, to play one pattern (the one that I play in the first 2 bars of the song) with the one hand, and then with the other do exactly the same one beat later while the first one is still doing it. So after I reached that goal I thought that I could use my foot to put a third voice one beat later that the second one. I got it once and I don't know why I stopped trying it but I always wanted to know how it would be with the 4 limbs. I faked it and I played 4 tracks simulating that. Just a cheap 4-track app and my hands to do it. 

Thoughts: Finally I know how it would sound! It's really weird when you are recording with the voices crossing each other, it's confusing and I re-record some takes because I was lost, the only way to do it is staying very focus on not lose the beat. 

Enjoy it!

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