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Sunday, 7 April 2013

7th of April (97th Song)

Melancholy Blues

Guys, I'm extra busy these days, since more than week ago my life changed very drastically, now it's full of new expectations, moving to a new house, and with almost everything sorted soon I'll be in the good way again. You probably have notice that my songs are not very elaborated lately, but don't worry, this is gonna change as soon as I move and I'm relieved again I can focus more and have more time to make my music. Today I opted to grab my guitar and try to push my low limits a little bit. I played something that I struggled with and I composed 12 bars song, reminding a blues but not changing to the IV in the second block of 4 bars and I played it until it almost sounds good. No to much to do it so I pushed just a bit.

Thoughts: I realized that I'm good to calculate the time that something is gonna take to record it. I had 40 minutes until 0:00, which is my deadline, and I finished at 23:59, and this is happening constantly, ain't it cool? I love to play the guitar, i can feel things that I can't with drums, and get emotive very quickly. I was playing this song and I knew which mood I wanted to express and every time that things such as tempo, dynamics, rhythm, sound of the pick, legatos, notes... were out of this mood I really noticed it and a switch in my mind immediately told me how it should sound like, so I was aiming for something that I could hear in my mind and feel in my soul. Sounds weird, it's weird, but definitely I've had feelings with this song. I'd love to live from music and stop working as waiter, I would have so much time to feel this... I'm aiming to that now, I'm gonna be a payed musician somehow. 

Enjoy it!

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