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Monday, 8 April 2013

8th of April (98th Song)

Historia De Un Final (Acoustic Guitar)

I have this old song that I made some years ago, actually my favourite creation, I wanted to try to play it acoustically,  just guitar and vocals, I didn't have time enough to do it, I took too much time to record well the guitars, probably because I spend so many time playing other things on guitar and not being fully focus on this song. My idea is making it the best I can the next year, and maybe this year I can record the vocal to make you understand the song. 

Thoughts: After the good feeling I had yesterday playing the guitar I wanted more and I was playing everything that I had in my head, no matter what. Now the tips of my fingers hurt. I loved the session, a lot of pick control, and quick changes between chords, and then is when I realized that my song today should be this one, because I have always struggled playing some chords, so I played and played endlessly until I thought I was ready to record. I did it in about 10 takes, I wanted to play without cuts, and I took my best take which is this one. 
Then I spend one hour playing with all the reverbs that I have in my computer, I discovered quite a lot of things, I could imaging what kind of space they interpreted, the iceverb is very cold, the spring reverb sounded like spring, sounds weird but it really does, the studio reverb it's like playing in a room with good acoustic environment, the traktor reverb was like playing in techno clubs of different sizes, I used this very slightly and works quite good, there was more 'space creator' reverbs which offers more possibilities but they are a little bit more artificial and unreal. Good time with reverbs, great lesson, I tried some 'slapbacks' that I learned recently that worked as well, but I chose my favourite option finally. 

Enjoy it!

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