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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

9th of April (99th Song)

Historia De Un Final (Acoustic Guitar + Melody)

Finally I played the melody for the yesterday's song, I felt guilty of not make it better so I had to fix that. 

Thoughts: I feel a bit like a cheater, because I'm posting the same song the same song twice but with the melody this time. I don't think I will do this again, but I feel a relieve because now you can hear the song more like it really is. I've been playing the guitar a lot, and I'm finding it very cool, I feel more relax playing it and I'm getting better, you can ever hear that at the beginning of the song I play worst than at the end as I was improving my performance and getting the groove. I think I will do a good job with the guitars the next year, maybe this year later too. My fingertips are very sensitive now and hard and I like that feeling. After this I was jamming with my band Myernark, swapping instruments and getting trance with the guitar sounds that I created. 

Enjoy it!

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