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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

10th of April (100th Song)

El Tiempo En Una Botella

My friend Ruth wants to have a tattoo of the score of  'El tiempo en una botella' by Ricardo Arjona that is a song by Jim Croce actually called 'Time in a bottle'. For a tattoo the whole song is too long, so I thought it was better to do just the first half, and I didn't do it very accurately because otherwise the score is too busy and it doesn't look cool. I wrote it in 'finale' and the default song of it was a piano with reverb, so I decided to use it and try to record the beautiful guitars underneath. 

Thoughts: I wasn't trying Finale lately and I was rusty, but I could figure out all that I needed but the change of signature that I didn't want to the natural symbol in the key signature. The transcription was a bit too long because Ricardo Arjona is doing a lot of changes and vibratos and singer stuff, I think that he is doing really bad actually. 
The guitar session has been nice, very difficult, but I have learned so much. Millions of takes to record this simple thing and I couldn't do it very well finally, I removed some parts and I simplified many others. I don't know how to record the acoustic guitar with a mic and that surrounded sounds don't get captured by the mic, is so annoying, I can hear my breath, my stool squeaking and more stupid things that I don't want to be heard. I'm still very bad playing but I'm in a stage where I can change some mistakes quickly and I do it better the next time. I think Ruth is gonna wear this tattoo full of pride. We still have to make some variations but is getting there. Remember that the piano sound is the default Finale sound and I couldn't change, it's not very nice but very shrill.

Enjoy it!

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