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Friday, 10 May 2013

10th of May (130th Song)

Hottie Girl

I wanted my song to be called 'hottie girl' as I said to my girlfriend and over that I made it. I invented an harmony and a melody and then I wrote the lyrics. It's about an ugly girl that is insecure about her beauty because when she were young she weren't very 'popular' but now is astonishing and she don't even realize. I started to use different effects with Logic, eqs, compressors, reverbs, and a lot of editing, and trying to overlap. I chose Tyffany Amber-Thyssen for the picture because is and old sex symbol for me.

Thoughts: It's very weird to use logic, everyone says how wonderful and easy is, I don't doubt that it's true but at the moment I'm a bit frustrated and I'm struggling to do very easy stuff, I gues it's just matter of time. I'll get it, that for sure, I'm working hard to do it. I still don't have good drums sounds on my new computer, either in the other one, something bad happened to the software... I couldn't raise the volume too much because it's late and it hasn't easy to get how is really the sound. I don't like the voice sound at all, I know that I don't sing very well, but it's so dark and flat... I need more life on the sound, please help me. The guitar plugin looks very nice, I'll take a deep look this days. I used also a lot of factory presets in the effects that I used, but I also created some. Step by step guys... Ah I failed bouncing the song, it's a missing not at the beginning, it's supposed to sound two hits 'old the small things' style.

Enjoy it!

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