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Saturday, 11 May 2013

11th of May (131st Song)

Hallucinogenic Adventure In Cairo

Today it was the day that I was up to use some of the weird concepts that I learned on the Sound Design course of Coursera. This granular synthesis is this way to create textures from small samples from 10-30msec and physical modeling that is real sound but not recorded but made by mathematical algorithms, and you can change physic elements, such as the tension of a string or the material of a pick. I tried some filters, delays reverbs and automations. The solo is absolutely random.

Thoughts: I'm very impressed with the physical modeling, there are so many instruments that they have built by maths... it's like molding your custom instrument. I tried with the 4 synths on logic that the course recomended, and was nice. The Ultrabeat was very difficult to understand and the EVD6 is just amazing, it's a virtual clavichord, it's super easy and fast to use and you have some weird extra characteristics that you can change. It's the one that I used for the solo. 
Then trying granular synthesis I just downloaded an app for iPhone called MegaCurtis, it's interesting but very very weird, I don't understand very well the concept and I'm not sure that this app is very good, who know? The granulation stuff is those noises going left to right underneath the song. I'm very happy with this song, I thought I wouldn't have anything good today. For the solo I just figured out the notes that I wanted to play and then I played them randomly, later on I finded that it's the harmonic minor scale that always sounds so arabic. 

Enjoy it!

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