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Monday, 20 May 2013

20th of May (140th Song)


I spent all the day at home doing this song. Super funny. I had in mind the song of these cartoons (they're called Campeones in Spain I don't know in english) and I was figuring out all the instruments but I had gaps in my brain and sounded empty, so I listened to it and record every single arrangement that I could hear, with guitars and a synth bass. No drums because I still have problems with my software. I wanted to work a lot in a song, play guitar a lot and mix a lot a lot a lot. You can also use it as a drums play-along.

Thoughts: What a day! I woke up early, watched some guitar lessons online and then, I don't know why, this song came to me and I started to play the bass line without knowing how was it, then the melody and then I realized that I was missing notes everywhere. So I listened to it, wow there was some notes that made the difference, I thought that was obvious that those were the notes and that I was stupid for not having known it. Then I while listening to it was thinking how balanced everything happened in the song and I wanted to get deeper into the song and analyze it. 
I tried a lot of different sounds with my pedal board, and some of the track presented a real challenge for me (the solo, the palm mute guitar at the beginning, and so many more). I learned so much!!! I even played the bass with the QWERTY keyboard and was quite easy! 
When I had everything recorded I started the mixing, so many things were very obvious, the panning has been good, doubling guitars to make things sound thicker, use delays for certain parts, reverbs, a lot of hi pass and lo pass filters, a bit of extra EQ, all this things came naturally to me, some compression here, noise gate there, fades, the noises on the tracks were very obvious. I still miss a lot of things but I not only have felt very comfortable, even doing it with the Mac and Logic, but also I learned a lot!!!! I did so many trials. It has been the most productive day in the last 3 months, no doubt. I'm happy, I just hope that my back, which is killing me, get better and my life is only happiness and good music. 

Enjoy it!!!

PS: Listening now to the song the lead guitar is too loud... :(

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