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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

21st of May (141st Song)

Introduction to Improvisation (Assessment 3)

I had to record the assessment for the 3rd week of the Introduction to Improvisation course. I've chosen the guitar as my instrument. No mixing, rough guitar, great song, just one round. 
Thoughts: This course is amazing! I love it, it's so useful  that I can see how beneficial it's gonna be. Just few words of Gary Burton and in front of your eyes you can see a new world of possibilities. I've been trying the stuff that he's teaching and it's so great, a new approach to the music for me that it's making me being obsessed and do my brain works fast and hard, good training. I feel like I was feeling in my best learning moments on drums, when a door opened for me and I crossed it and I saw a new big room for put my thoughts and thoughts in. It's so hard to look at the paper at the same time that you play, that's why after I burnt my brain doing it a million of times I stepped back and played from my heart and not thinking about scales, and worked better than ever. I so excited that I'm gonna be a great musician...

Enjoy it!

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