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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

22th of May (132nd Song)

Frasquín's Architecture

My friend Efraín asked me to make a song for his architecture footage, it's a presentation of a modern building and he wanted me to reinforce the presentation. Although he asked me for something happy it became melancholy somowhere on the process, sorry Efraín. I hope it's still useful.

Thoughts: I'm overwhelmed with today's session, I just learned so much of absolutely everything. Fixed my Komplete in my PC which makes the difference, and I realized that I missed my Nuendo quite a lot. I'm gonna push more my limits with Logic for a while though. Great session, I have a more clear idea of music production and I feel I'm a musician. I'd just like to know why my music has a veil of darkness covering it. 

Enjoy it!

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