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Thursday, 23 May 2013

23rd of March (143rd Song)

Frasquín's Architecture 2

 Do you remember Frasquín's Architecture? I just had to change some stuff as he told me that it wasn't good enough for his purposes, it sounded too sad, and I agree, so between us we were working in an improved version that suits with his need and ,what is more important, for the clients.

Thoughts: Today has been an interesting day, I had to change a song, that's something that I don't use to do and scares me a lot, but it must be done and I took a try. How the hell could I make a melancholy song happier? Ok, definitely the main melody change was making it more epic, and they made than the chords related with them were making them sad (I tried with that melody so many chord changes and the only way to sound smooth but not sad seemed impossible). Still the groove was so heavy and distant. I lowed down the massive reverb send and I used a hi pass filter to give it more presence, but I lost the bass drum, I had to add another track just with it. Still a bit heavy, I removed one bass drum beat of the loop after the second backbeat. Cool, starts to sound. I needed more rhythm underneath, something faster, frenetic, but not too obvious, so I tried with some percussion, west african NI plug-in gave me the chance to make something cool with it. And some crispy random beats would sound good, I add some at the beginning. Wait! In Korea they don't have beach and beach remains to a chilling mood, remove it and try something else (Efraín's words), and it worked! So now I got a good song, we played it over the video clip and the percussion seemed to come just sooner that a quick take where everyone is working in a very fast motion, which would fit perfectly with them, so I delayed them and, voilá! Here's the song. 

I have to mention that I learned so much from this session that I can believe that I could fix it finally and feel happier and wiser for it. 

Enjoy it!


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